Would you like your ideas to be converted into turn key products/sistems?

Our 10+ years experienced design team makes this possible. We completed several global reference projects.

Just tell us your idea then let us manage the project; documentation, electronic circuit designs, embedded firmware, visual designs, tooling, mold production, prototyping, bulk production of final product and the tests.

We start the project, introduce you prototypes and then start bulk production upon your confirmation.

We are experts of:

  • Ultra low power, battery operated designs
  • Wireless communication (i.e. GSM SMS, Voice, GPRS, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, BLE, WiFi, RF)
  • Wired communication (i.e. Ethernet, USB, RS232)
  • Sensors (i.e. temperature, humidity, motion, vibration, g-sensor, liquid level)
  • Camera photo/video record
  • Lighting
  • Building automation
  • Energy saving/management