Erbas Teknoloji was founded in Istanbul, 2012. Since this day we developed several M2M/IoT products. With our innovative perspective, we aimed to continuously develop and produce the best quality products, and when we were established, we determined our mission as “Innovative Solutions”. We have created two brands, Reporter and Klisens, and wide product families depending on them. Our experienced R&D department worked to fulfill the special demands of many of our customers very quickly, and we were able to develop special products for our customers. Today, Erbaş Teknoloji products continue to serve thousands of end users in 23 countries.

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Our main product groups:

– GSM Alarms
– GSM Dialers
– GSM Phase Failure / Monitoring Devices
– GSM Remote Control Devices
– GSM Panic Alert Devices
– Battery Operated (Low Power) Alerts
– Energy Saving Products

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