Single GSM Device with 1 year battery life

Erbas Teknoloji is a professional security company designing & manufacturing innovative security products. We are introducing the highest technology and quality to the global market for residental, office and industrial use. Our product range is based on innovative and the newest technologies in security.

Items are battery operated with more than 1 year lifetime, ultra-low power design. Power adaptor operation is also possible.

Set up is very easy, just insert a local SIM card and batteries. Then call the device with your mobile phone! Extended settings is made by a single SMS.


Reporter Alarm Systems inform you about power or water failures and can control temperatures in any place. In case of a failure the system sends a SMS up to 3 different numbers.


Areas of use:

  • Security and fire alarm systems, door switching systems, etc.
  • In cases you wish to be informed about failure


Checks the status of doors/windows at home or in your company continuously. In undesirable situations it sends you and two more different numbers a SMS.