REPORTER SMS Alert devices can be used for water leakages, temperature changes, power failures, door/window sensors or alarms from any NO/NC type wired device. Reporter sends SMS text messages to your mobile phones (up to 3) in case of alarm is triggerred. These products are battery operated (2xCR123A Lithium) and lifetime is more than 1 year under normal usage. Also, power supply operation is possible by using a 12V DC power supply.

Where to use?

  • A1000 alarm device is used for a GSM dialer / SMS alert device for existing burglar alarms or fire/gas alarms. Also, it might be used to monitor any kind of relay output device or buttons/switches.
  • A1100 panic button device is used for elderly or disabled people, urgent cases in your home & office, banks or in the lifts.
  • A1200 power failure alert device is used in the server rooms, generator rooms, solar & wind power production points, warehouses, cold rooms, plants or greenhouses, caravans & yatchs and transofrmers.
  • A1300 water leakage/level alarm devices is used for warehouses, residental houses, offices, water tanks or pools.
  • A1400 temperature alarm device is used to monitor the temperature in case of the target room exceeds the preset levels set by yourself, and also have power failure and restoration alert function. It is used in server rooms, cold rooms, industrial or medical freezers, meat & egg production factories, greenhouses, laboratories and generator & transformer rooms.
  • A1500 magnetic contact alarm device will inform you in case of door / window is open. It is used in the residental houses, warehouses, offices, factories, safeboxes, money cases, banks, exchange offices, jewellerry shops, caravans & yatchs and transformer & coil theft cases.

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