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Original price was: ₺2,999.00.Current price is: ₺2,799.00.
GX1122 is a multi-purpose GSM & SMS Alarm Device which includes 2 inputs and 2 relay outputs. You can control your remote devices by these 3 methods:
  • ON/OFF/Trigger by SMS
  • Time based trigger by Free Phone Calls
  • ON/OFF by Call and Touch Tone (DTMF)
It also has 2 pieces of isolated inputs which you can connect various sensors / dry contact relays / fire and burglar alarm panels. In case of any change in the inputs; Reporter will instantly send SMS and then Optionally Call up to 8 numbers. Usecases: 
  • Barrier Control
  • Shutter Control
  • Pump / Irrigation Control
  • SMS/Call Dialer Module for Burglar and Fire Alarm Panels
  • Simple alarm system for Caravans / Boats / Yachts / Warehouses
  • Water Flooding / Water Loss / Tank Level Alarms


Original price was: ₺3,599.00.Current price is: ₺3,399.00.
GX2140 is a Battery-only Operated GSM SMS 4 input alarm device. It has 4 inputs which allows you to monitor various sensors / switches / dry contact relays / burglar and fire alarm panels. It will send SMS text messages and optionally call up to 3 numbers. Usecases:
  • Simple alarm system for places with no external power usage
  • Rat-trap monitoring
  • Letter-box monitoring
  • Security call for public areas like parks, gardens
  • Caravans / yachts / boats / warehouses
  • Water Flooding / Water Loss / Tank Level Alarms
  • Transformer theft